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Over the decades property has shown itself to be an ideal hedge against inflation.

Although in the short term it can be volatile, and indeed it has been, for example in the wake of the credit crunch and as far back as 1989 and the 1970s, but looked at long term it has performed well, which is why you are reading this. You want to be part of that long term strength, to reap its benefit and we can help.

Your most valuable asset is probably time.

Finding good opportunities in any market is time consuming and the property sector is no different, especially for those opportunities that are off market. Although that expression is overused and even misleading! It simply means it is not on public display or can’t be found by a routine internet search.

Obviously, the properties are for sale, or maybe it’s truer to say available to be bought, but only through a relatively small, tight network of experienced professionals. We are part of that network and have over 50 years of experience and contacts. We are here to act as your Expert Client, to use those connections and that experience for your benefit.

We source opportunities for investment, trading and developing in the property sector and will work with your other professional advisers to help maximise those opportunities for you.

Seize your opportunities

Although with rising inflation world-wide interest rates are starting to rise, the yield on cash is poor and was below inflation, even before it began to rise. We see cash and liquidity as a short-term holding situation creating the ability to seize on opportunities, not a long-term investment in itself.

The property sector is able to offer a trading and a long-term solution but searching for the ideal investment opportunities is hugely time-consuming.

We are here to do the heavy lifting, to maintain discrete connections with the right network to provide the right opportunities, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time sourcing the right opportunity.

We spend our time working for you, someone who is able to react swiftly, with prudent due diligence, to the right opportunity.

We are very professional, friendly and work to strict time-constraints as you would expect from Swiss professionals.

Your Team

Our executive directors, Pascal Zahler and Ivo Reading, have over two decades of combined experience in real estate and investment with a background in asset management as well as renovation and construction. Property is part of our DNA. We use that experience for your benefit, so you are free to carry on with your life.

Our Non-Executive Chairman, David Selves, has over 50 years of experience in business generally, banking, hospitality, media, retail, politics, and most significantly in property. His property connections are nationwide, and he has the Freedom of the City of London and is a Freeman of the Company of Entrepreneurs.

We do not deal in volume, we deal in quality, things we consider offer something beyond the norm for you.

Arranging Funding, Investment & Development

As we say, property is in our DNA and at REPA, we are driven by our emotional intelligence and our passion for seeing our clients prosper from the opportunities we show them.

We are not in the business of quick one-off deals, but of long term mutually beneficial professional relationships.

We are not pushing to close the first deal that we show you, or even beyond that. We are here to help you benefit from property deals for the long term.

We spend the time needed to weed out the wrong deals, so we present you with opportunities that suit the development of your property portfolio and interests.

Whether you are a buyer, vendor, owner, lender, mezzanine lender, JV partner, trader or developer, REPA is here to help you.

We really care

Social responsibility it a hot topic right now.

It is easy to say we all want peace and prosperity for everyone and for the planet (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) but can we really back this up?

We believe we can and with your help we will.

From every transaction you complete with us, you will be backing social concerns and putting money into something worthwhile.


"Ivo and Pascal are ambitious, professional and dedicated to achieving their goals. They approach business with a logical and progressive outlook, ensuring that their goals will be met."

- Keith

"Ivo and Pascal are meticulous in their approach to their property business, having an astute eye for detail and covering all bases, thinking outside the box to find a solution that can solve any problem that arises."

- Jordan

"I worked with Pascal and Ivo on a recent project that went like a dream. They were professional, warm, conscientious and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending  them"

- Lou


We prefer to have a 1-to-1 relationship with our clients rather than sending opportunities through a first-come-first-served investor list. If that is what you also prefer, let's talk!

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The Collaborations

Since working with us, one of our clients has hit the pension pot he only aspired to, diversified his portfolio and tripled his charitable contributions.
Bet you thought we wouldn’t say that.